How is GTG a Talent Acquisition Revolution for Employers?

We do not throw you in the water and say swim. We give you the life jacket and teach you how to swim. When you become a good swimmer, you get noticed, get to the other side faster, it is more rewarding in the process, and most feel compelled to teach others how to swim after reaching land.

When Members land, they automatically become a GTG alumni, many of whom go on to serve as a passive source of talent acquisition for their respective employers. After GTG alumni get oriented and adjusted to the duties, responsibilities, and culture at their new employer, they may feel compelled to give back to the community that helped them land. When you land because of GTG, you are welcomed with open arms to give back as a breakout room moderator serving others in transition for a few “after business hours” each month. Having accurate empathy will help you pay it forward to others with the same title/position/industry or looking at your company. It is a self-sustaining cycle of good will. It makes the employer look good too for hiring a GTG member.

The mistake far too many employers continue to make is they have a cold reactive system. They have outdated software and applicant tracking systems that are just not enough to win the war on talent. Employers prefer to hire warm source referrals from employees, retirees, and professional networks. This is where GTG has a self-sustaining talent pool solution for employers to cultivate pipelines of preferred talent.

Why do employers want to explore GTG before they post a job? For one, because our Members are prescreened based on values – givers not takers – it costs companies way more to lose talent than to hire new talent. Employee Benefit News (EBN) reports that is costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves. That is $45,000 per person for an employee earning a median salary of $135,000 for director level, according to the Work Institute’s 2017 Retention Report. People possessing a greater concern for others tend to be more loyal.

Discovering hidden talent via warm source introductions is a talent acquisition strategy that saves employers time and money. It reduces turnover. It fosters an organizational culture that revolutionizes employee productivity, image, viability, and innovation.

Leaders who exemplify the values of GTG are models of change in the business community. This shift in attitude and behavior to intentionally think and act selflessly, carves out leaders who become the pioneers of change. Global orgs go from having an ethnocentric image in the global business world to being model global leaders. Employers fishing in the GTG talent pool are taking a strategic approach to building a culture of sustained inclusion. This fundamental shift in a employers’ approach to talent acquisition is the catalyst for driving long term systemic growth within their org culture. This shift in strategy impacts public perception. It paints a newfound image in the communities they serve.

Thanks to Jonathan’s professionalism, dedication and great listening, this resulted to my new career as the Executive Assistant with Helium-SEO. GivetoGet works - Thank you Jonathan!

Julie Marie Crow

He helped me revamp my thinking and my pursuit that eventually led me to finding my first job and jumpstarting my new career.

Jeremy Scheffler