Our Process

Do you strategically look for selfless connectors and desire to be part of something bigger than yourself? I would like you to get to know GivetoGet. We seek selfless connectors who possess a servant leadership mindset where giving is the focus of relationships. Quality connections are always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. Life is best spent proactively contributing to the mission of others without expecting anything in return. If you agree, explore making quality connections within our community. As a visionary leader in the career transition assistance world, GTG sees the potential for how the world should exist for matching employers to talent and we are taking steps to get there. We have been on both sides and now we are paying our process forward. We will guide you in pursuit of your passion, help you define your vision, and contribute to a common mission, as we build GTG in your hometown. When you connect a need to an opportunity, your actions could potentially change someone's life.

If you are a giver, not a taker, if you are selfless by nature, join the community of givers where people are rewarded for giving. You are helping yourself when you give. Spend time helping others and a greater quality and quantity of opportunities will come your way. You will be noticed when you cultivate relationships the right way.

From beginner to expert in 30 days

For starters, GTG carefully prescreens our talent pool. Membership is exclusive to high caliber talent where values and character are on display based on actions for others.

Why Help Others? The mistake most people make while in job transition is to just focus on yourself. Most seekers do not know where to start their journey. Most do not have an established network. Most do not go about creating and fostering a network in an appropriate manner. Most job seekers do not focus their time cultivating relationships to proactively help others. When everyone makes job transition a myopic selfish mission, it benefits no one else in the room. It is human nature to think, "what is in it for me?" This attitude gets amplified when you lose your job. This path is detrimental and lonely.

Why Not Get Paid to Help Others? The optimal way to go about being in job transition is to contribute to the mission of others. Returns come from "Helping Others", not an expectation of reciprocity. Members get connected with others in transition, make introductions, and capitalize on warm introduction opportunities. Members rate and write a short review on the person who introduced them/ made intro to them. Member profiles receive ratings and reviews just like Google does for businesses. Better yet, get rewarded financially when someone lands a job from a direct introduction you provided.

Employers spend time getting to know you for who you are as a person. You get noticed for your contributions to others. Create a reputation, rather than making yourself just another name on a resume. Gone are the days where you submit your resume online, the algorithm does its thing, and you land your job. Finding the best match, in the shortest time, and at a higher comp is all about "who you know." Stand out for your passion and hustle while in transition. Get rewarded and recognized for activity. Employers will take notice. They will note how this approach to discovering talent can have bottom line impact to transform their organizational culture.

Thanks to Jonathan’s professionalism, dedication and great listening, this resulted to my new career as the Executive Assistant with Helium-SEO. GivetoGet works - Thank you Jonathan!

Julie Marie Crow

He helped me revamp my thinking and my pursuit that eventually led me to finding my first job and jumpstarting my new career.

Jeremy Scheffler